On 9th Dec 2022, Beijing time 14:35, HEAD Aerospace Group (HEAD) successfully launched the HEAD-2H satellite with the new solid rocket Jielong-3 (“Smart Dragon-3”) from a mobile sea platform in the Yellow Sea.

HEAD-2H is the 9th satellite as part of its Skywalker constellation and weighs about 46 kg, parallel design. After putting into orbit, it aims to carry out the functional and performance tests of the VDES payload, ADS-B, and remote sensing payload.

Building upon the satellite-based VDES-system, HEAD Aerospace’s Skywalker constellation will provide maritime vessel positioning, operating status monitoring, dual narrow-band communication, etc. to global customers.

On the same mission, the JieLong-3 rocket also carried eight Jilin-1 series satellites from HEAD’s strategic partner Chang Guang Satellite Technology Ltd, including seven Jilin-1 GF03D satellites and one Jilin-1 platform 01A01 satellite. The Jilin-1 platform 01A01 is a new satellite weighing about 20kg, lighter than the Jilin-1 GF series satellites, and adaptable to various loads such as remote sensing, communication, and navigation. The Jilin-1 constellation now has 83 satellites in orbit, and HEAD Aerospace’s satellite portfolio increased to 99 satellites, offering VHR imagery from 30cm – 1m resolution, including high revisit, stereo imaging, and night images and video. 

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