The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) published an Ordinance with the third part of the Brazilian Space Regulation (REB), which establishes the Insurance Requirements for Space Launch. Ordinance No. 1019 was published on December 23, 2022.

The purpose of the REB is to protect society and the Brazilian state in the event of an accident during a space launch operation carried out by private companies within the national territory. It defines that in order for there to be a launch, it is necessary for the company to obtain an operator’s license and a launch authorization.

According to the text, the company will only obtain the launch authorization if it provides all the information necessary for an evaluation of the safety of the operation and calculation of the insurance value, according to the methodology developed by the AEB and presented in this third part of the REB.

The document mentions the various responsibilities to be fulfilled by companies in the event of accidents, damage or loss of property, injuries to people, environmental damage and other direct or indirect damages, which will be requirements of the insurance required for launches.