SpaceBR Show reaches its 3rd edition in 2023 and plays a leading role in promoting the space sector in Brazil and Latin America. With a forum and fair, the event will be held from May 9 to 11 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, and will connect private companies, government, universities, research institutes, startups, investors and users of space solutions.

Historically, the fair represents an evolution of the Brazilian Space Industry Forums, held annually by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) since 2017. The maturity reached by the event is due, in good measure, to the developments of Technical Cooperation Agreement No. 6/2020 signed on July 1, 2020 between MundoGEO, creator and organizer of the SpaceBR Show, and AEB, strategic partner. This agreement, which does not involve the transfer of financial resources, has since then focused on disseminating news, fostering new business and technical knowledge related to the space sector, and institutional support for the event.

This partnership has been important not only for the SpaceBR Show, MundoGEO and AEB, but for the entire space industry chain in Brazil. This is because, first, MundoGEO opened a channel on its webportal for publishing news about the advances and challenges of this sector, going beyond what directly involves the AEB and public authorities, disclosing important actions and moments of the private sector and other entities. related to space activities.

And as a way of amplifying what the Brazilian market is doing, all the news are also published in English, so that readers from other countries can have access to what is happening in the country. This is a commitment made by MundoGEO itself to promote the space sector in Brazil and the rest of Latin America on a global scale.

In the same way, SpaceBR Show has found support from the entire productive chain of the space sector, bringing together startups and companies, teaching and research institutions, space agencies from other countries, among others. These entities participate both in the trade fair and in the forum that has driven important debates for the sector.

“With the creation of the space channel, the webinars and more recently the SpaceBR Show fair, we have expanded our area of ​​action, involving the entire productive chain of the sector and showing the business potential of the space economy for Brazil and the Latin American continent”, says MundoGEO CEO, Emerson Granemann.

Disseminating technologies and business, in fact, has been MundoGEO’s expertise for more than two decades, whether through content on the webportal – in Portuguese, English and Spanish – or online and face-to-face events, such as the MundoGEO Connect fair, in the areas of geotechnology , involving remote sensing, a segment closely linked to the space area. More recently, the area of ​​professional drones has also been covered by MundoGEO at the DroneShow fair and in the production of content.

The growth of these markets in recent years undoubtedly has the participation of MundoGEO, which has become an amplifier of good practices, advances in technology and business opportunities. For this, it has always relied on strategic public or private partners, such as the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the Brazilian Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) and the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, which continue to support institutionally, year after year, this objective. to disseminate technological knowledge and regulatory practices.

“Our next targets are the areas of autonomous mobile robots and eVTOLs. In the same way as the space sector, we create channels of exclusive content and specific events in these new areas, but always closely intertwining with the sectors in which we already operate, allowing us to achieve our purpose of collaborating in the sustainable growth of these areas”, completes Granemann.