EHang Holdings Limited, an Urban Air Mobility (“UAM”) technology platform company, announced the debut flight of EH216-S pilotless electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, in Latin America, for demonstrating the safe, environmentally friendly and accessible Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in the region.

The EH216-S demonstration flight took place at the impressive Reserva Conchal resort, in Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, in front of national authorities and media. Framed under a dedicated ceremony to highlight the advantages of AAM, on the sustainable and innovative development and growth of countries, and how this new mean of mobility can enhance the quality of life of its citizens and the experience of its visitors.

This event was organized jointly by Bluenest by Globalvia, a prominent player in AAM landscape designing and managing vertiport networks globally, Guanacaste Airport, a subsidiary of VINCI Airports, a world leading private airport operator, and the hospitality division of FIFCO, a Costa Rican publicly traded company, with diversified investments and operations in Central and North America.

During the ceremony, EH216-S successfully completed its debut flight in Latin America for aerial sightseeing and intra resort transportation use cases. The demonstration not only showcased its suitability for aerial tourism, but also underscored its versatility for applications such as airport to city and resort commuting, medical delivery services and emergency response operations.

Ms. Victoria Xiang, COO of EHang Europe and Latin America, said, “EHang is pleased to see EH216-S pilotless eVTOL flying for the first time in Latin America, demonstrating safe, efficient and sustainable Advanced Air Mobility for everybody, in Costa Rica. We are convinced of the enormous benefits that EHang´s UAM technology can bring to Latin America, and we are determined to continue collaborating closely with local stakeholders of the region, for making this new mean of air mobility accessible to everybody in the continent.”

José Ignacio Rodríguez, Manager of Bluenest by Globalvia, stated: “we are satisfied and proud to have contributed to a milestone in advanced and sustainable air mobility in the Latin American region, with the first flight of an unmanned electric aircraft for passengers. Our first validations of vertiports outside of Spain, with the invaluable support of the DGAC, Westin, and Guanacaste Airport, are a great step for Bluenest and for the region in our common desire to offer safer, more efficient, quieter, and sustainable mobility to visitors and residents. We see in the Guanacaste region and the partners of this event the perfect combination to make the mobility of the future a reality very soon.”