MundoGEO Startups is a pitch competition for startups operating in the areas of drones, geospatial technology, space and eVTOLs. This is your time to present your solution to an audience of experts and potential investors looking for innovations.


Registration open until March 15th, 2024.

The results of the selected startups will be announced by March 29, 2024.

The pitches will be presented on May 22nd, 2024 at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP), Brazil, during the DroneShow, MundoGEO Connect, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL exhibitions.

Note: All members of the selected startups will have free access to the 3 days of the exhibition and also to the VIP speaker room.

Awards: All startups selected to present their pitches will be published on MundoGEO’s content channels, including social media. The 3 startups that present the best pitches will participate in Lives promoted by MundoGEO after the event. Any new awards for the 3 selected startups will be announced soon.

The selection of registered startups and the judging of the best pitches will be made by a team of experts, whose names will be announced by January 2024.

More information: 

• “Startup” refers to an innovative company with high potential for growth and return, that works in conditions of uncertainty and that has a repeatable and scalable business model, capable of solving a real problem, offering products and solutions using hardware and software in the sectors of drones, space, geospatial technologies or eVTOLs.
• The proposed solution must have a business model with the potential to gain scale (startup model).
• The registered startup must be in the validation, acceleration or structuring phase to attract investment.
• Finalist startups must participate with a member at the event. The pitch must be made in 5 minutes, and there will be another 5 minutes for questions from the evaluators.
• Finalist startups must bear their own expenses necessary to participate in the event, except the ticket to visit the exhibition, which will be provided by MundoGEO.
• Presentations must be made in Portuguese.
• The startup is solely responsible for any and all information provided during the Selection Process – including, but not limited to, physical or electronic forms, message exchanges and attachments with the competition team. The event organizing team may, at any time, determine the immediate and irrevocable disqualification of the startup, if this information is found to be inadequate or its veracity is not proven, without prejudice to administrative and judicial measures, in accordance with the law.
• The data and information sent and presented by startups will only be used for evaluation and classification purposes in the Pitch.