PAR Government Systems Corporation (PAR Government), a provider of geospatial and decision support solutions to the U.S. government for 50 years, has introduced TeamConnect TM by PAR, a commercial cloud-based situational awareness technology suite. TeamConnect by PAR was developed to enhance coordination and information sharing by government and civilian organizations.

PAR Government developed TeamConnect by PAR as a multi-tenant, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution as a companion product to the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) originally developed by PAR for the U.S. Defense & Intelligence (D&I) community. In a decade of real-world deployments, TAK technology has enhanced communication and coordination between individuals within small groups in the field.

“The commercial TeamConnect by PAR solution can save lives, time and resources by enabling multi-jurisdictional organizations to collaborate during rapidly evolving situations related to both planned and unexpected events. TeamConnect by PAR is ideal for responders to emergencies and disasters, as well as organizers of public gatherings, sporting competitions and public festivals”

Matthew Cicchinelli, PAR Government President

TeamConnect by PAR acts as a collaboration bridge to facilitate communication between personnel from an unlimited number of organizations – even if they otherwise have no network in common – using the mobile devices they already carry. The solution enables individuals to communicate directly by voice and share real-time information including GPS locations, texts, photos, documents, videos, GIS layers, and raster maps.

From an event headquarters or emergency operations center, the TeamConnect by PAR administrator can add users, form groups, and manage participation levels via a web-based dashboard. In minutes, any individual who downloads the TeamConnect by PAR app onto their mobile phone, laptop or computer can be federated to a team or group. TeamConnect by PAR can track participating personnel and report their locations to the administrator or other team members.

“TeamConnect by PAR is affordable and requires no expertise in system administration to set up. The investment for a TeamConnect by PAR organization is minimal – the server hardware and system software are managed and maintained 24/7 in the cloud by PAR Government”

For D&I and civilian agencies currently using the TAK-based military and civilian solutions, TeamConnect by PAR is a complementary solution that enables them to migrate to the cloud-based environment. Organizations that once communicated only among personnel within small groups via ATAK will be to collaborate securely with diverse entities and individuals in the public or private sectors.

Regardless of incident type, TeamConnect by PAR provides complete lifecycle management – event preparation, rehearsal, training, actual response, post-event review, and new response simulation.

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