MintAir, a South Korean Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) services startup, has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of up to 40 eVTOLs from North American Jaunt Air Mobility and for the formalization of a strategic partnership to enable commercial flights with electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles in South Korea.

Jaunt is approaching the final design of its eVTOL, the Jaunt Journey, which is based on the concept of the Slowed Rotor Compound (SRC), which is a hybrid vehicle between an airplane and a rotorcraft. According to the company, this technology could facilitate certification by aeronautical authorities.

According to MintAir, these features will help leverage the South Korean air mobility market, especially as it is an energy-saving efficiency, lower operating costs, and a clear path to certification.

“Our mission is to develop the safest Advanced Air Mobility service in both urban and rural environments based on sound ESG management. Jaunt Air Mobility is committed to those same principles throughout the aircraft’s lifecycle. And we are confident the Jaunt Journey will transport the public with the highest level of safety.”

Eugene Choi, CEO of MintAir.

MintAir was founded in 2014 and is a former manufacturer of semiconductors for companies such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG. In 2020, it decided to change the field of activity to the operation of electric aircraft.