Synkar Autonomous, a Brazilian-Canadian Startup and developer of autonomous delivery systems, has announced a partnership with Microart Services, an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, to support the build out Synkar’s robotics vehicles.

The expectation of the partnership is to scale the production of vehicles and, thus, expand the services offered by Synkar. Today, the company is focused on last-mile delivery, indoor and outdoor logistics, autonomous navigation and customizable API.

“Our partnership with Microart is an important milestone for our scaling as a robotics company. The ability to build and assemble our vehicles alongside an established and seasoned Canadian company assures the quality and control needed to deploy our autonomous fleet all over the world.”

Lucas Assis, CTO of Synkar.

“As technologies evolve, it’s natural that Microart continues to closely collaborate with emerging technology leaders who help us to advance our manufacturing and services capabilities. Synkar is the strategic partner we are excited to work with to move a great product to market, as well as to utilize as technology within our own EMS space.”

Mark Wood, CEO of Microart.